Friday, November 17, 2006

Not Steve Potato After All

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE WELCOME to this website and to the Drake/Molyneux household....Mr. Andy Chang!!

We've had him about a month now, and he couldn't be more in love with our other cat Myrna. She, on the other hand, really doesn't want much to do with him. I guess it's to be expected. She's older; 15 to be exact. So the 14-year age difference, when translated from cat years into human years, makes the two of them something like Betty White and Frankie Muniz; an unlikely comedy duo, and even less likely as a couple.

Many people have asked where we came up with the name. Well, it's simple. Like most people, when we decided to get a cat, we first came up with the potential names, narrowing it down to two: Steve Potato (or the variant Potato Steve) and Mr. Chang. Once at the pet adoption fair, Wendy was immediately drawn to Andy, the first cat we saw (and, as it turns out, the best). And who could blame her. He was adorable and looked so sad, shivering there in his cage. Because he was black and white, like a panda, Wendy really thought he should be named Andy. (A better choice than Police Cruiser or Newspaper, for sure.) I held fast on the pre-naming idea. And since Andy Steve Potato just sounded ridiculous, we settled on Mr. Andy Chang. As a bonus, Andy has half a Hitler mustache, making him a half-Kitler. For full-out Kitlers, please visit

It's a good place to waste an hour or two.

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