Friday, May 16, 2008

Box Office Buffoon

IT IS WORTH NOTING THAT I WAS ON TARGET with last week's box office predictions. I was a tiny bit generous with Speed Racer and a tiny bit stingy with What Happens In Vegas, but overall, I was close, I think. I did, in fact, accurately predict that Iron Man (which is great, by the way) would be tops at the box office again. Let's review the numbers:

Speed Racer
My prediction: $26.2 million (totalling just under $90 million)
Actual opening weekend: $18.5 million
Box office so far: $21.3 million

What Happens In Vegas
My prediction: $17 million (totalling $40 million)
Actual opening weekend: $20 million
Box office so far: $25 million

I think Speed will be hard-pressed to make $55 million, much less $90 million. And Vegas will probably top out just north of $40, which doesn't sound like much, but it only carried a $35 million price tag. Speed, on the other hand... ouch, $120 million budget. Maybe they'll make it up overseas? What's that? Only $12 million overseas so far? Wow. Flop City.

With only one major release this week, the wife and I are holding off the debut of our video podcast until next week. So here again, for the record, my totally awesome and totally accurate box office predictions for the week of May 16!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
The first installment was HUGE: $291.7 million domestically, and $453 million overseas. But it was a Lord of the Rings-like diversion during the Christmas "serious film" releases. Caspian has to face off with Iron Man (still a force at the box office) and the guaranteed box office champ Indy 4 next week. Even though Caspian is the only big release this week, I don't think it will challenge Lion, Witch, Wardrobe's $65.5 opening weekend. It just doesn't seem like there's a buzz about the film. Even with soaking up the kid crowd, I say...
Opening weekend: $58 million
Total take: $172 million

There it is. Tune in next week for the video podcast. This time, for sure!

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