Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stoner Ingenuity

DIDN'T EVERYONE GO TO COLLEGE with a stoner who claimed proudly that he could make anything into a bong? No matter what you threw at him, he could totally smoke pot out of it. I mean, making a bong out of an apple or a soda can is weak-ass shit for this guy, right? He'd turn a textbook or a cookie jar or a sofa or anything you would challenge him with into a giant bong. Or, failing that, he'd just smoke pot from his giant bong. Did you ever wonder what that guy was doing now?

I think I just found out.

Congratulations, dude, you are the Neal Armstrong of pot smokers. Oh wait, did I say Neal Armstrong, I meant Jeffrey Dahmer. You're the Jeffrey Dahmer of pot smokers.

My bad, I get those two guys mixed up all the time.

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