Friday, May 30, 2008

More Box Office Fun

I ONCE AGAIN CLAIM VICTORY for my astounding mental powers. This time for my prediction about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Monkey Butlers. Let's look at the numbers.

Indiana Jones: Monkey Butler Madness
My prediction: $159 million (total take: $339 million)
Actual opening 5-day weekend: $151.9 million
Accuracy: 95.5%

After my Prince Caspian prediction (94.8% accuracy), I'm feeling like I'm really on a hot streak going into this weekend. Which gives me even more confidence (perhaps false confidence) than I usually have when I make these stupid guesses.

Sex & the City
My wife believes this movie will be a gigantic box office success. In fact, she has called it "Star Wars for girls" and believes it will do $78 million in its opening weekend, eventually grossing a whopping $250 million ("easy," she says, "at least $250 million"). I agree with my wife that the film will be a success. Our definitions of box office success, however, especially in this case, differ greatly. Firstly, I don't think there's a chance in hell Sex does $250 million over its life in the theater. That's more than The Simpsons movie did by $70 million. And that movie was rated PG and appealed to children and adults of both sexes. Also, I have heard that this movie is boring. That's the word on the street: boring. And this from fans of the show. My belief is that TV shows rarely make good movies (if ever), and that Sex will be no different. It will have a respectible opening, but then, just like The Simpsons, drop off quickly and precipitously.

Opening weekend: $33 million
Total take: $80 million

The trailer for this movie scared the shit out of me. It's not expected to do very well, but for no reason at all, I think it will do ok.

Opening weekend: $11 million
Total take: $35 million

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