Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not Sure This Is a Good Idea

SINCE THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR, I feel like the Right Wing may go to any length to secure the White House once again. To further fuel this paranoid speculation, I offer the following news item.

Let me first say that I couldn't be less surprised to discover that Arnold owns an Austrian tank. I'm only surprised that he doesn't drive it everywhere. I guess the fact that it's been in Ohio since the late '90s would explain that. But now he wants his tank back? So he can give rides to schoolchildren? That sounds fishy to me.

In his autobiography, Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger recalled his first experience driving a tank (while in Austrian tank-driving school naturally). Driving a tank, he wrote, “appealed to the part of me that has always been moved by any show of strength and force.”

“He's going to have it closer to home, in California, so he can enjoy it,” Schwarzenegger's press secretary said.

So, he wants to "enjoy" his tank, and he associates tanks with a "show of strength and force."

Fuck. I think he's going to attack America.

And if you also consider that he's an unstoppable robot from the future. We're totally fucked.

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