Monday, August 11, 2008

The Ultimate!

SOMEHOW, THE WIFE AND I ENDED UP with two more cats. It's unclear how it happened. It was some shelter-induced kitten madness. But we ended up with two more cats and that's just the reality of our situation now. So, in order to appease our new roomies, we had to get another litter box. Now, ordinary people would just get an ordinary litter box. And that's just what I was prepared to do, as I am an ordinary person. But then I saw this:

Holy shit! The Ultimate Litter Box? I didn't even know such a thing existed! Certainly our new cats deserved the ULTIMATE experience while they were defecating! This magnificent advancement in litter box technology even promised that our cats would LOVE the litter box. While I didn't exactly believe that statement, I believed it considerably more than the promise listed below on the label. This one:

Really? The shape of this litter box is soooooo modern that it goes with any decor? Is that really a consideration when purchasing a box for your cats to poop in? Do people really think, "Oh sure, I'd love to buy this litter box, but its Prairie Style design will really clash with my Danish Modern decor."

So, you may be asking yourself, what does this Ultimate Litter Box look like? What is the "shape" that is so modern it compliments any decor? It looks exactly like this:

Trust me, that shape works great with your decor, even if everything in the room is Victorian! Even if you live in a log cabin!

Do you find that hard to believe? You're not alone. That cat doesn't look convinced either.

Of course I bought it anyway. Why wouldn't I?

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