Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heroic Mullet

I GOT SEVERAL NICE EMAILS in response to my mugging entry. You remember, it was the blog entry I wrote that mugged you as you read it? Sorry about that. I just love mugging people.

My mother responded to news of my mugging by saying, "Does that mean I'm not getting a birthday present?" Whereas my friend Lindsay was glad that I didn't "have to buy a new wallet." David recommended that I stayed away from Mugger's Corner, offering, "come to my house instead. Drop your wallet in my mailbox. Someone will return it the next day." And a reader from Bangalore appreciated my ability to "make a monkey into a chicken," which I'm guessing is idiomatic in India for "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." I sort of wish it was just "when life gives you monkey, make monkey-ade" but we can't have everything. Especially not monkey AIDS.

My friend Robert had my favorite response, though, saying, "If you were truly brave, you would post the picture of you in The Answer with that heroic mullet." He's referencing a band I was in back in the '80s, in Lawrence, Kansas. We were called The Answer and we were awesome. We truly saw a million faces, and yes...we rocked them all. And during that time, I had really long hair. Long, permed hair. Long, permed, highlighted hair. With the sides shaved. It was once described as magnificent plumage.

So, to prove my bravery. Here is my "heroic mullet" -- circa 1987. I'm the guy on the left.

You're welcome.

For more even more fantastically heroic mullets, please click here.


Steven said...


Robert said...

Did someone say "Reunion Tour?"

Indianblogger said...

That certainly is lon=========g hair. I also sported very very long hair a decade and a half ago. Long hair amongst women in India is looked upon as being very traditional.
A cyber friend tagged me and I've tagged you as one of my new acquaintances.So please take it on and answer. All in the game.check out this link:

Karen said...

If Katie Holmes can bring back the tight roll, maybe there's hope for resurrecting the mullet after all.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you weren't robbed AND assaulted, you might have posted an mp3 of the band. Ha, ha! My little jokey, but seriously, babies born the day they snapped that photo can now purchase hard liquor. Consider that reality if you're thinking of digitizing certain vintage media this weekend. And acid-washed jeans emit radon, just like granite countertops.

Jared Brustad said...

What I get from this photo is that even though your mullet is gone, your eyebrows are stronger than ever!!!

David Taylor said...

Had I had the money for hair extensions back in those days, I would have sported the most righteous, rocking mullet right along with you. Instead, I had to be "Mr. Short-hairs" in the middle of the photo.

Hope all finds you well, Jeff. I ran across your blog tonight while roaming the net and had to post.

The Answer lives!!

David Taylor, San Diego CA