Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Box Office Jerk

SO MY WIFE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT about Wanted, and I was totally wrong. Both of my predictions were pretty bad. Just a C-average this week. But I will redeem myself (probably not) with my Hancock prediction! But first here's last week's numbers.

My prediction: $77 million
Actual opening weekend: $63 million
Accuracy: 81.8%

My prediction: $39 million
Actual opening weekend: $50.9
Accuracy: 76.6%

First of all, I think this will not be a very good movie. Even though, I sort of like Will Smith and I definitely like Jason Bateman. But I'm not convinced the director, Peter Berg, has much of a light touch with comedy. I'm certain he can deliver the dynamic visuals associated with a superhero movie. But this idea is sort of a deconstruction of a superhero movie, with an anti-hero as superhero. That said, it is Fourth of July weekend and this is an action movie starring Will Smith. He's pretty bulletproof when it comes to shit like this (even Wild, Wild West grossed over $100 million). So I think it will perform strongly out of the box and for several weeks, even though the word-of-mouth may be less than stellar.
Opening weekend: $61 million
Total 4 1/2 day weekend: $93 million
Total take: $189 million

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