Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spam-A-Lot, Week 9

IT'S A BITTERSWEET WEEK ON THE SPAM CHARTS. Last week's record-setting spam intake was easily topped by the 588 emails received, as well as the highest BMS on record (at 64%). And after all my tales of doom and gloom for MegaDick, the ol' MD made a comeback, though it was still far outdistanced by VPXL. Sadly, it appears that 2008 will be Pussy & Boobs free, as for the third week running both Personal Pussy and Bigger/Better Boobs found no purchase in my inbox. While the Top 4 categories held steady, both OEM Software and Foreign Gibberish continued their downward trend. In the early weeks of the Chart, both categories easily logged between 30-50 emails a week; now either is lucky to squeak into the Top 10 with a dozen hits.

The big news of this week's Chart wasn't so much the six categories that dropped off: Earn Your Degree, Happy New Year, Employee Search, Madison Who’s Who, Embroideries and Would You Like to Chat? It was more about the six categories that hit the Chart for the very first time, led prominently by the #9 debut of GetNewGirlfriend.com. The other five newbies bottomed out the chart with only a couple emails apiece, but included the late (or maybe really really early) reminder of where to get the most popular X-mas Presents (along with the encouragement to "Hurry up!") and also the cryptically simple Revenge Is A Funny Thing, which simply said just that and included a link. I did not click on the link.

The Chart reminds you that "Your woman does not want to jazz it with you for reason of your device size." That is the only reason she does not want to jazz you.

Jazz it with The Chart!

588 emails
BMS = 64% (up 16%)

((1/1)) -- 379 Boner Medication (92 VPXL, 48 MegaDick, 37 Viagra/Cialis)
((2/2)) -- 59 Canadian/Online Pharmacy
((3/3)) -- 30 Rolex/Luxury Replica Watches
((4/4)) -- 22 Online Casino
((5/7)) -- 17 Inspecific “Look at this!”
((6/5)) -- 11 OEM Software
((7/6)) -- 10 We Will Approve Your Loan
((8/9)) -- 9 Foreign Gibberish (0 German)
((9/-)) -- 8 GetNewGirlfriend.com
((10/9)) -- 5 Validate Your Identity (eBay, PayPal, etc.)
((10/11)) -- 5 Improve Your Health
((10/11)) -- 5 Stop Smoking
((13/19)) -- 4 Buy Shoes
((14/11)) -- 3 Dating Site: You Have Messages/Interested Ladies
((14/7)) -- 3 Weight Loss (2 Anatrim)
((16/11)) -- 2 View My Profile/Pictures! (Vote For Me!)
((16/16)) -- 2 Pheromones
((16/16)) -- 2 Human Growth Hormone
((16/-)) -- 2 Stock News
((16/-)) -- 2 Claim Your Winnings (Sweepstakes)
((16/-)) -- 2 Get Out of Debt Free
((16/-)) -- 2 Payday Loan
((16/-)) -- 2 Revenge Is A Funny Thing
((16/-)) -- 2 Xmas Gifts

BMS = Boner Medication Saturation
((this week's rank/last week's rank))
-- = new to the chart this week

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