Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy Grandpa Is Taunting Me Again!

I'M NO EXPERT ON ADVERTISING, even though I occasionally work in that business, but I have to wager that this might be the best marriage of marketing message and image.

First of all, what is being talked about here is life insurance policies. Boring, right? So obviously someone thought, "How can we spice them up? How can we get people, specifically people on the internet, to sit up and take notice?" The answer, obviously, was to put a human face to the product. And what kind of person do people trust the most? Apparently, their research showed that people on the internet trust crazy old men. Like really old. But to make him more "lovable" and "aspirational", someone decided he should make a face. Not a happy smiling face, like an adorable grandpa might make. And not a warm inviting smile either. A crazy face. A face that says, "I'm not sure why you'd trust my opinion, but here it is anyway!"

Of course, nothing says quality life insurance like a mentally deranged grandfather making a face.

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