Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Come For The Playing, Stay For The Dancing!

SOME CHILDHOOD MEMORIES ARE, for me, more precious than others. Not to get all sentimental and "remember the good ol' days" about the past or anything, but I do miss simpler times. Occasionally, I pine for the days of three TV networks, not because TV was better back then, but because it was weirder. Anyone, and I mean anyone could have a summer comedy-variety show. They gave one to Captain & Tennille and to Shields & Yarnell. Also, during this era, beauty pageants still had a talent portion.

Which brings me to this bit of magnificence from the late '70s. It's a local beauty pageant perhaps from the Kansas City area (my home town!); it involves the Star Wars theme; and it involves trumpet playing AND dancing. In my opinion, that really is the magical trifecta! But wait, there's a bonus! The trumpet is horribly out of tune!

It's like coming downstairs and finding a huge present from Santa...only it's not even Christmas! Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. Not that she gets better as she goes along, but that she just keeps going. With more trumpeting and more dancing. It''s...magnificent!

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