Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The First Rule of Real Estate

DO I HAVE REGRETS? Oh sure, I have a few. Near the top of that list is this one.

Not long after I moved to Los Angeles, I worked in the valley, and on my commute to work, I passed this bus stop. For my entire tenure at that job, the ad on the bus stop bench was for this real estate guy who serviced the valley. Like a lot of real estate ads, it was just a picture of the agent, with his name in giant type, a "motto" (if you will) and his phone number. The guy looked a little like the picture here, only his mullet was a little shorter, his smile was a little cheesier and he wore a white tuxedo and was looking right into the camera. He may not have actually worn a white tuxedo in the picture, but in my memory, that is what he was workin'. It said his name (which I do not recall) across the top, and then below it was his motto:

Location, location, location, etc.

I passed it a hundred times and never took a picture of it. I had a camera at that time. I don't know why I never bothered to snap a quick pic. I regret it to this day. Because part of the beauty was the look on the guy's face. Like he was so proud of that motto, that he had improved the old rule of real estate.

As my wife summed it up, "What does it take to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice, etc.!"


Mark said...

Weird huh!...That happens a lot. I recently bought a camera and started taking pictures of all the mundane things in my life in order to avoid this!

Anonymous said...

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Cat Luvr said...

Ah, Realtors, with their winning copy... I saw a listing the other day that actually used the term "McMansion" to describe her million dollar property.

Steven said...

Like many things, you thought that realtor bench would be there forever. Let it be a lesson to us all, you guys. Take notice of the small details that make our lives beautiful, stop and smell the roses, etc.

Anonymous said...

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