Monday, April 28, 2008

Would You Like Me To Take Your Picture Again?

I ALREADY TOLD YOU ABOUT MY NEW BUSINESS VENTURE. I posted about it a month ago (for that entry go here), and, I'll be honest, it generated a less-than-spectacular response. Maybe I didn't accurately describe my new business, which is a portrait studio for young couples. Here are the two photos I posted then.

All of my sample photos feature the same creepy Russian couple, Skyenskya and Zeljko. I think they're adorable, even though they will probably give birth to a monster-baby. That's their doctor talking, not me! I didn't just make it up. It is scientific fact. Or scientific speculation anyway. Either way, it's scientific.

I have more photos to share. More photos of Skyenskya and Zeljko that show my expertise as a photographer of young couples.


I think a lot of young couples, especially those who are expecting, go through a period where they don't feel like they're that sexy anymore. They've been married for a little while and they want the world to know that, "Yes, we still totally do it!" It's only natural. Skyenskya and Zeljko are no different from anyone else in that respect. I wanted to show through this photograph that they are still in love, but also they still are super or no monster-baby. Zeljko's naked back is to the camera to give him an air of mystery, and Skyenskya's hand is on her pregnant belly to show her soft side, but also mainly because the monster-baby's horn kept poking through. I think the sepia tone gives the young couple a classic look.


Personally, I believe that once a man has impregnated his woman, he shouldn't have to wear a shirt if he doesn't want to. Shirts are for single guys! A married man needs only a wedding ring and a pair of boxer shorts. Everything else is just gilding the lily. Call me old-fashioned, but that's just how I feel. Looking at this photo, you might wonder, "What is Zeljko saying to his baby?" It's a good question. What do fathers say to their yet-to-be-born offspring? Well, I happen to know exactly what Zeljko said, because I was there. He said, "Please, hell-beast, spare my life. Destroy the rest of mankind if you must, but let me live." It's sort of sweet when you think about it.


I think this photo really shows the ideal world of the future Skyenskya and Zeljko imagine. They would, if they had their choice, like to give birth on a bed of stuffed animals out in a field of wildflowers. They said those very words to me. On a bed of stuffed animals, because of how adorable and warm and cuddly they seem, thereby letting their monster-newborn know there are cuddly soft things in this world in the off chance that might soothe his angry, vengeful soul. And in a field of wildflowers, because maybe by the time the monster-baby realized it had been born way out there in the middle of nowhere, they would be in the car and driving away to safety. Maybe then Skyenskya and Zeljko would survive. Of course, Skyenskya will have to remove her jeans for the actual birth. But I had her keep them on for this photo for artistic reasons.


Honestly, I don't know what the fuck is going on in this picture. It's awkward. It's like Skyenskya is about to give everybody a free show while Zeljko's back is turned. The stuffed animals only make it creepier. Seriously, what the fuck?


Foz the Hook said...

But I am sure you noticed that Zeljko is NOT wearing a wedding ring while NOT wearing a shirt. As an expert, do you feel this will hurt or harm the soon-to-breach monster-bastard? I love him/her/it sooo much already.

Anonymous said...

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