Wednesday, March 7, 2007


MY LOVELY WIFE BELIEVES (and she may well be right) that OK Go is in danger of just being a "novelty video act." Do people really listen to the music, she wonders? Do people really buy the albums? It's hard for me to answer. I have not bought their albums, although I own both (having received promotional copies of both while at two different jobs). I have, however, given both albums as gifts, if that counts for anything. My wife's point is that the band is best known for their hilarious videos: the backyard dancing in "A Million Ways" topped by the synchronized treadmill dancing in "Here It Goes Again" and now there's this wallpaper video for "Do What You Want":

I have to admit that I love the new video, that it's weird and bizarre but also simple and hypnotic. But even my love for it cannot help me answer my wife's question. (And people say love is the answer. What liars!) I hope that the band is thought of as more than being a "novelty video act." And I hope that these crazy videos are actually translating into sales for the band. I mean, they did end up winning a Grammy recently. Sure, it was for the video, but still. That's good for them, right? Or does it just prove my wife's point? Hmmm.

I guess only time will tell. Until then, I hope the guys in the band are investing well and enjoying the ride. Maybe it'll last for a long, long time. But it might be just a quick crazy rollercoaster, like the Screamroller at Worlds of Fun, the theme park outside Kansas City. You remember the Screamroller don't you? From back in the late '70s/early '80s? It was the park's first upside-down coaster, and there was soooo much hype surrounding it. It had this awesome first hill and you went upside down twice, but the problem was it took almost 40 seconds to climb the hill and then the ride really only lasted about 30 more seconds. Down the hill, around a corner, upside down twice, sharp corner and back to the station. It was sort of a bust. Even when they made it a stand-up coaster and changed the name to ExtremeRoller, it was still kind of a ripoff. Standing up in the cars didn't make the ride last longer.

I guess my point is: that roller coaster eventually got bulldozed and replaced with The Timber Wolf, which is a really kickass wooden roller coaster. And, man, I should totally ride it again the next time I go back to KC. That one and The Mamba. Oh yeah, The Mamba. Now that's a quality roller coaster: over a mile long, super fast. Wow, what a ride!

What was I talking about again?

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