Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bathroom Crazy

MENTAL ILLNESS DOES NOT RUN IN MY FAMILY, so my fears are probably baseless. But I have this recurring thought in my head of exactly how I might go crazy, how it will first manifest itself. It's ridiculous, I know. Like the weird fear I have that I will suddenly, capriciously, put the end of a power cord into my mouth. It's not something I want to do. It's just an odd recurring thought. Like the thought my friend Skap has when he's somewhere high (like a balcony or at the edge of a canyon) that he might just jump off, just for no reason.

So my future (and totally make-believe) madness will manifest itself this way, I think. Instead of putting toilet paper in the toilet where it would belong after using it, I will just put it in the trash can. The latest wrinkle on this is that I might, instead of putting it in the trash, hang it on the towel rack behind the toilet. Given those two options (and assuming I'm not going to put it in the toilet where I should) I'd hope that I'd put it in the trash can. That would be, I think, much less crazy. At least, much less disturbing.

I think if you behave like that, you are definitely crazy. So, maybe it's good that I'm making a mental note so that I can recognize my craziness when it manifests itself. Not that it will, because, like I said, crazy brains don't exactly run in my family.

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