Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Great Moments in Advertising

DO YOUR LADYPARTS STANK? (Hint: The answer is always yes!)

The headline asks that age-old question: "Is a wife to blame, if she doesn't know?" What's this ad about? How to cook? How to behave in the sack? How to change the oil? No! Sadly, what is being discussed is the cleanliness of a lady's vagina.

The first paragraph answers the headline with: "Yes! She's decidedly to blame. Because in this age of enlightenment and frankness there's no excuse for ignorance of facts on proper intimate feminine cleanliness which often can mean so much to womanly charm, health and happiness. There's no excuse for ignorance of what to put in her douche."

Wow. the husband's expression says it all. It says, "Something is horribly wrong with your vagina! I'm going back to the office, and my secretary's more hospitable ladyparts! When I get back -- if I get back -- your pleasure-palace better be clean enough to eat off of...not that I'd do that, naturally. Because that is disgusting and barbaric!

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