Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cool Bands Made Un-Cool

YESTERDAY, SOMEONE STARTED AN AWESOME THREAD on Twitter called "cool bands made un-cool." And it involved making slight changes to bands names. I have compiled my favorites below. Some are mine. Others are from David Iserson, Mark Lisanti, John Moe, Matt Fraction, Dave Holmes, Steve Agee and someone known as Seantroversy.

Not included in the list below are two bands -- Kansas and Bread -- whose names were deemed already so deeply uncool, there was nothing you could do to make them more uncool.

Here it is (in no particular order):

Emerson, Lake & Palm Pilot




The Beatless


The Less Than Average White Band

Peter’s Baby Bjorn & John

Electric Blanket Orchestra

Mike, The Mechanic

Fountains of Wayne Rogers

Fountains of Dwayne Wayne

The Stationary Wilburys

Metallic A

R.E.M. Speedwagon

Los Hobos

Some Doubt

Available Cab for Cutie

Expensive Trick

We Are Economists

Cat Lady Power

Bob Jovi

Food Fighters

Flu Fighters

Carving Pumpkins

Method Guy & Red Gentleman

Dinosaur Sr.

Ironing & Whining

Some Old Pornographers

Yeastie Boys

Harvey Cautious

Dennis Franz Ferdinand

The Whom

The When

Pear Jam

50 Scent

Walk DMC


Fire-Retardant Lips

And You Will Know Us By The "Cathy" Tacked To Our Cubicle Wall

Guided by Good Choices

The Damones

Braggy Mouse

Cannibal Copse



Mauve Floyd

Ironing Maiden


Fleetwood PC

Kings of Leon Pannetta

Yo Tengo Acne Horible

Teenage Dr. Who Fanclub

Tears for Fears of Intimacy

Jefferson Airplane Food

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Morristown, NJ

The Cure for My Pollen Allergy

Big Star Wars Fans

A Suburb Just Outside of Boston

Lizzy, Who Has a Very Pretty Face and a Nice Personality

Garfunkel & Another Guy Also Named Garfunkel

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arija said...

My favorite is Bob Jovi.