Monday, February 26, 2007

Cute Cats Are Creepy People

JUST BECAUSE TWO CATS SLEEP CLOSE TOGETHER, doesn't necessarily mean they are the best of friends. Take, for example, the cats in the picture on the right, Myrna and Mr. Andy Chang. Despite the May-December quality of their relationship, Andy (the black and white cat) loves Myrna. Andy is convinced their age difference is no impediment. But Myrna does not want to be Maude to Andy's Harold. There is nowhere in the apartment that Myrna can go that Andy will not follow. Myrna tried to get a restraining order on Andy, but the judge said no. So, Andy just waits till she sleeps and then curls up next to her. If they were people, it would be creepy. But since they're cats, it's cute.

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